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Hi everybody,

well, what can I say: I AM really, really impressed!!!

K_Kinnison, you brought a dream of me back to life! I was about to cry when I read your post (but girls don't cry, don't they? ;-)

It has been over a year ago when I wrote that walkthrough on June 20, 1999. I AM really surprised and proud to see it come back to life! This walkthrough is indeed a spoiler and is therefore not intended to be read by any other than people seeking for help!
Thanks again for reposting!
P.S.: I checked my harddisk and I too still have the original thread as pdf. ;-)

Fondas, I am also very impressed to see you become a moderator! Congratulations! Since last month I have installed X-Wing Alliance again for leisure time! I am flying a new pilot now doing all single player missions again - of course with no cheats! It is still one of the best games I have ever played!

I promise I will check back more often as soon as I get some time off in late August / early September!

Cheers to all X-Wing Alliance Players!
X-Wing Alliance rulez! May the force be with you in all missions,

Moonstar aka Michelle ;-)

Btw, is Lucas Arts coming up with a successor for this game? Any rumors?

To finish this post, let me quote the story behind the scenery for this post, too. It describes and bring back the night when I wrote this walkthrough!

Quote from original post on June 20, 1999:

(It actually took about one night to do the whole thing:

6.00pm: finished previous mission, wanted to finish game by dinner time.

6.30pm: Wow, this mission sucks, I keep flying into walls and pipes all the time. After
several attempts got stuck in the container area.

7.00pm: dinner (still stuck in container area)

8.30pm: got through container area (still crashing into walls and pipes, though!)

9.00pm: mistook zero-g-trooper area for the reactor chamber: after shooting all my torpedoes at that red thing in the middle I thought: o.k., this is enough, gonna look for help on this mission on the Internet!

10.00pm: found help on searched through all the messages. found hints on what is still coming up in my mission.

11.30pm: blew up reactor for the first time! (Yeah!!!), but got "mission lost" very shortly after! (oooooohhhh!).

12.00am: discovered, that if you blew up the laser focus stuff first, your fleet outside is not in danger anymore and you have more time!

01.00am: got into the reactor chamber, blew up the reactor, punched it, took the wrong way at the path split, found myself in a black no-where with a huge firewall coming up from behind! Oh boy, I was really frustrated not to get out after fighting through almost all of thedeath star and not receiving credits!

01.15am: this time I am smarter: before blowing up the core, I investigated the final path split and shot ALL pipes. I watched the shape of the tube at the path split and found out that you just have to follow the tube you are currently in on your way out. Blew up the reactor, punched it again (never thought you could go at 100 through these tubes) and finally made it! Saved film!

02.00am: After watching the film several times and pausing at critical several times I decided to make a walkthrough.

03.00am: Finished walkthrough after writing, watching the film and flying through the Death Star one more time.

03.15am: Posted walkthrough.

03.20am: Got myself another margarita and enjoyed the show one more time! went to sleep.

01.00pm: read through the walkthrough again with a clear head, noticed mistakes and type errors, corrected them.)

By the way, if anyone has finished this last mission doing it "Lando-style", please send me the film!

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