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Its that old thing. Everytime there is an increase in snooping laws everyone says "well, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear".

But that relies on an efficient, uncorruptable, unbiased government that happens to agree with you. Otherwise there is a possibility you are in trouble.

The "war on terror" has already casue the UK to introduce loads of snooping laws, lock people up without trial and decide to introduce identity cards. The US is already forcing airlines to break EU privacy laws by handing over personal information on all flights to the US. The west is getting more and more orwellian and we are told it is for our own good. Score 1 for the terrorists.

I'd be very surprised if some of the descussions here haven't been flagged up by US snooping equipment at some point.

Did you know that the US snoops on the UK and the UK snoops on the US and then they swap data??? That way each government can deny monitoring the communications of it's citizens.

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