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im glad we have CapNColostomy to pop up in al these threads and collectively point out that we are all talking rubbish. Nothing like useful input to move a discussion onwards...

The Quran has been "guarded" much more intensely and fanatically than the bible, passed down as near as possible "word for word" and (as far as i know) untranslated or modifed. Yet even with this book there are scholars who, having none nothing all their lives but study the Quran, can't agree about almost anything in it. For every scholar you can find who argues one thing, you can usually find another who argues the exact opposite.

If even they can't agree on the quran then what are the odds that anyone can agree on the much more revised bible. Let alone the odds that any one lay worshiper or preacher has the meaning exactly right.

I expect most people who believe in the bible (even those who believe in it "word for word") actually believe in the interpretaion that they were first taught. If they had been brought up in a different community they would probably believe in a different interpretation.

That is why i think you should take the overarching messages from the bible (or other such books) and not worry about the "exact wording of a specific passage the happens to possibly mention something that could probably be interprested to mean something." phew.

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