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Kata had dissappeared into the cantina. 'get us some money... pickpocket... i don't even have arms!' went trough Mousey's processor. 'I only have a lousy droid control manipulator... And a to cable...' He hid in a small corner of a dark alley. He jumped on some crates to be at the same height as his soon to be victim, and unfolded his guns. When someone entered the alley, he shot him trough the head and towed his money out of his pocket. Then he stored it, his storage room was just big enough. (he was also built for small data retreive missions, in wich he sometimes had to store a datadisk.) Just when he was a bout to exit the alley, a wookiee entered, who was appearantly the dead guy's friend. He roared loud and threw Mousey to the other side of the street, trough the cantina window and on someones head...
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