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Question How Convert Costumes files????

I'm working about old scumm games SAM&MAX1, MONKEy2, MONKEY1, Day of the TENTACLE, INDIANA JONES AND THE FATE OF ATLANTIS...

These games are composed with a lot of different files : ROOM, CHAR, COST, RMIM....
ex: The COST files are the costumes files ( 'cause characters are ... costumes)

I know several persons work on Scumm file because a lot of utilities are existing... ScummVm, ScummRevisited, Costume Ripper...

I'm looking for someone who can help me :

i've got a problem about COST FILES. The COST FILES from SAM&MAX (or DOTT) are different than the COST FILES from Monkey2 ... Then, we can't use the COST FILES from SAM&MAX in MONKEY2...

I'm looking for something which can convert the COST FILES format of SAM&MAX to the COST FILES format of MONKEY2.
I don't understant how costumes are working, i just know it use a palete file ( for the colors...) . And palete files are different in MONKEy2 and in SAm&MAX...

So, please, gimme an answer , how i can convert the costumes files !!!!


Ps: if you didn't undestant what i said, sorry but i'm french. it's why my english is bad. if you didn't understant, you can mail me to " ". thank! ;-)
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