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-I want to hear more about that Alienware booster that ups performance 50-70% (Saw a snippet about it in PCGamer...will be called something like "ALX" line of PCs)
-Want to see what ATI has to offer battle with NVIDIA's awesome new card.

-The re-anouncement of Sam and Max 2 *nods confidently*
-Call of Duty X-Pac (I'm a CoD addict...can't help it)
-KOTOR II (even though I havn't played the first one yet...what? Don't look at me that way!)
-SW Battlefront (playtest please...I want to see if they goof or not)
-Guild Wars (So what, I just want to play it during E3 :P)
-Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich (What? The first game was AWESOME!)
-ummm...Republic Commando (See if it's worth my time or not)

*Edit- Just saw the trailer for SW Battlefront...I'm thinkin I may have to buy this game...*points to scene where someone is sniping an ewok*

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