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LOL, Homer, if you had picked any electric instrument but a keyed instrument I would've bought your bullpoopie, but you picked the xylophone, which when struck would produce something to the same effect an electric keyboard does. Now the electric violin.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I need to listen to some Bond more and hear their super-awesome electric string quartet. They look like an awesome group that I've never gotten to hear.

Anyways, to 'contemporary' music. Which band should I explore first and why? I'm tempted to pursue both ACDC and Metallica, bt I am unsure as where to go first. ACDC doesn't have a greatest hits or I would've bought some of their stuff already. I lurve some of their riffs such as Thunderstruck and Back in Black. Yet, Metallica also has a tempting pull with its musicality in the metal.

Now those electric clarinets, those are the instruments I can dig...

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