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Originally posted by Artoo
Anyways, to 'contemporary' music. Which band should I explore first and why? I'm tempted to pursue both ACDC and Metallica, bt I am unsure as where to go first. ACDC doesn't have a greatest hits or I would've bought some of their stuff already. I lurve some of their riffs such as Thunderstruck and Back in Black. Yet, Metallica also has a tempting pull with its musicality in the metal.
I would say AC/DC, simply because they are a predecessor of Metallica. Also, look for the "LIVE" album from them. It is a recording from a concert & the closest thing to a greatest hits you will find. Only Bonn Scott does not appear anywhere, as the concert was after his death.

If you really must pick up some Metallica, start with the Black Album. It is widely considered their best stuff to date. Then take a listen to their earlier stuff (Kill 'em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice For All) and their later stuff (Load, Reload, 2 after that are covers & redos with orchestra, & St. Anger). Personally, I like pretty much all their stuff from Lightning up to Reload.

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