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Episode 29: The Aftermath

Just as the final blow was to take place, Azenite rolled and flipped to the right of Qollous. Bewildered, Qollous swung his saber to the right. The answer was a force push capable of diverting a storm. The glass broke of and everything in the room washed away with Darth Qollous who fell from the top of the Emperor's Palace.
After the blow, Azenite fell back and the spirit of Exar Kun left him. Kun settled quietly in the room, smiling and awaiting response from his devastated apprentice. Azenite was blood-red. He was breathing heavily and continuously gasping for air. His body was charred and in bad shape. His left hand was frail and roasted. His right was not there. He had lost his right leg from the knee onwards and his body looked as if scavenged by vultures.
He had lost his left eye, but did not react to any of these casualties. What mattered him was that he had lost against Qollous. Only with Kun's help he could have ever won, but with his current body, he was useless. He couldn't even handle a blaster or even let out a weak example of force energy.

Exar Kun started, "NOW you are ready". Azenite, surprisingly, got up and went to the turbolift with Exar had hinted him. Kun disappeared. After a while, Azenite was tfifty levels below sea level. He entered a large hall with a couple doors to it's left and a lot of rooms to it's right.
It seemed to be some sort of a medical area. Kun directed him into the second room to his left. This door led to a corridor, which soon turned left and ended up in another door. Once the door opened, Azenite found himself in a large room. There were beds, stands, instruments and medical droids everywhere. Kun smiled and explained to Azenite, "This. This is the place Darth Vader was born".
"Really?" asked Azenite.
"Well, a bit. After Anakin became Vader, he went on a few missions and then returned here for maintenance. Also, his design and body was finalised here, but the actual construction had taken place somewhere else."
Azenite nodded.
On Knokall, Verantos was experiencing his most pleasureable moments of his life. With his bright, yellow blade, he was slicing sabers, arms, legs, necks and anything that came in his way. At last, after the uncountable foes were defeated, he let out a sigh. He then backed behind and examined the ClanLord's body. It was a decoy. The fake make-up melted and faded off.
"What's that supposed to mean?" wondered Verantos, and in the nick of time, lunged ahead as the original ClanLord attacked from the back. Verantos rolled, jumped to the wall and backflipped behind the Lord. The ClanLord strafed right to avoid Masquod's blow. Masquod stopped suddenly and launched a attack backwards. As we was concentrating on his saber, He received a powerfull kick on his face.
His saber de-ignited and rolled away. He fell off and took some time to regain energy. The ClanLord took this to his advantage and pulled the fallen saber. Then, ignoring Verantos, he examined it properly and lit it several times. Verantos quickly jumped up and pulled the other saber to him.

The Lord let it go and the two started stalking each other. They walked around in circles, exchanging taunts and gestures at each other. Both attacked, and parried at at the right time. Finally, Verantos attacked the left arm and in a zig-zag motion, avoided the parry, struck the left shoulder and then quickly stabbed the right shoulder. The ClanLord gave a cry and then, withstanding his pain, dropped his saber. He gave a weak nod and closed his eyes. Verantos grinned and stabbed the skull.

"Now I am the most powerfull."

Episode 30 Preview:
"Now, we must join forces to dethrone the Emperor".

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