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Good to hear some feedback on the ideas, and since I'm not making this, the person who eventually does (if they decide to) will get to choose whatever.

As to the "famous characters" thing remember this isn't an RPG. In Siege as it is you can have multiple Lando's, multiple Jan Ors, multiple Chewbaccas, etc.

Remember that also Jedi in the Siege maps are VERY WEAK (compared to say Jedi in FFA), with no force selection, weak health, inability to get shields, no items, only the saber (with the exception of course of the Demo's on Korriban who have saber+bombs).

That and in Siege the Jedi can't pull away people's weapons. Normally ammo is only obtainable anyway from Ammo recharge Stations on the map or from Tech's re-supplying you.

Anway, you'll also notice that none of the Siege scenarios made by Raven are from the movies.

Oh sure, there was a battle of Hoth, but nothing like what we see in the map. It's more a scenario based around the "idea" of a battle on Hoth between Rebels and Imperials. Likewise Desert isn't based on any movie, it's almost like something out of Shadows of the Empire, but again, not exactly. And Korriban, while it's based on SP isn't exactly like that scenario either. It's simplified gameplay wise and relies on the action competition rather than the storyline to see it through. Even Siege Destroyer you've got to admit, I'd have a hard time finding that one in the movies, even if it uses ships from the films!

As to the Droid colors, I was tempted to do the red/blue/yellow/plain thing too, but I remembered that in Siege they really really try to make each class recognizable from each other at a glance. If it's just a little marking or something on the same model it's a lot harder to judge (see the Siege scenario "Warehouse" for a similar problem, everyone has the same skin with only tiny markings to differentiate their vastly different abilities).

The stun baton thing is fine I just figured it should be used in there. ; )

As to classic characters, yeah, people want to use them, but that's part of making mods. You get to use stuff you normally couldn't.

How many people play as Boba Fett on Siege Desert? He's quite possibly the second most popular character in Star Wars, period. Yet only people who are actually good at sniping can use him effectively. So I don't think that making a Darth Maul character is a death sentence for any mod, so long as he's handled properly. He isn't an "uber jedi." Beyond his saber dueling skills (which won't come into play in Siege for the most part anyway), he has rather rudimentary and low level Force skills, plus he was quite mortal as we saw in the only movie in which he appeared.

Using "movie characters" isn't essential, but it ups the "fun factor" with name-dropping (in the tradition of the rest of the Siege scenarios) and it needn't be a direct character correlation. Your argument against them sounds like the Penny Arcade guys whining about Jedi Outcast because it has "Rancor Jedi and Gammorean Jedi." No offense! =)

As with Darth Maul and the Jedi in general, sure they are powerful if used by somebody with certain skills, but in general they are far less effective at certain things, which people learn about and then use other classes. When the all-Jedi team loses round after round they'll realize they can't all be Jedi.

The probe droid thing I figure would just be a model change. I mean c'mon, there are already mods where you can be Droidekas. What's the difference? It's exactly the same except he's floating a couple feet off the ground (like a repulsor lift) or constantly flying (like having a jetpack with infinite fuel).

Even JK1 had mods that let you play as droids (though the animations were hilariously bad).

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