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Angry Need help with SHU mission...

Ok, I cant seem to survive the mission where you must steal SHU Tydirium. I've been pasted and wasted 6 times in a row! Those ties are really getting on my nerves...

Here is what I do:
I dock with station.
Meanwhile, I locate the SHU.
After thats done, I already call for re´nforcements.
After I've been discovered, I wait for Rogue Squadron to enter the system.
But here is where it goes wronge: either the ties enter the station(!?!?) and shoot me to hell, or, IF I make it out of the station, when I'm .3 klicks away, I'm nothing more than space debris.
Rogue Squadron doesn't seem to do anything either, cause there killed in no-time.

I've already tried the mission guide by Tim Wuyts, and that didn't help either...

Please, your my only hope...
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