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Cocomonkey, that space in the middle is for the Kalidor Crescent. I believe it only works if you kill an oustanding number of bogeys in a single mission, but I am not certain on this. Unfortunately the Death Star run is the last mission, you are done. Uncle Antan? He is a loose string, obviously the game is slightly rushed.
So now it is time for you to play the missions that we in the community have created. Visit the dloads section on this site or you can start off on the right foot with a new honest career in piracy, go get my 11 mission pirate camapign, which will be revamped pretty soon, but is pretty good as it is. It's at Gugeyewalker's Pirate Outpost

Lilt, if you want to play online you'd better be good, because the boys and girls over at are truly ruthless.
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