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Post What's the most original/wacky tactic you've ever used??

Like the topic says, this here is a place for all you cooky pilots (read those who have bantha fodder for brains) to tell us about the craziest most daredevil like tactics you've ever used in an of the x-wing series games. I guess I'll start off...

the game was tie-fighter, the part with the second admiral defecting (and taking all those nasty tie-advanced with him) and where the player has to take him out (the grey wolf if memory serves me right). No its not the last mission, it was an escort mission but me and my hotself decided to take on the grey wolf all by my lonesome. Anyways i was in a tie-defender (ya..the coolest thing since moister vaperatiors) and i was getting the sith shot outa me everytime i got close. You'd think i'd take a hint and just try to finish the mission gaols but noooooooo.....i just had to kill that @@!#$#@. So i got this crazy idea on how to get close enuff to the arse to kick his snooty butt (read the grey wolf's sheild generators), i maxed out my beam cannon energy and started attacking a tie-advanced, needless to say once i got a few shots through his sheilds the nerf herder high tailed it back to the command ship.........and at that moment i had the great vision.....with lots of sparkly it wasn't god......i was getting shot at....uh anyways back on i stuck to this guys tail and put my tractor on him. So he's heading back to the grey wolf since he's damged and all and i'm following right behind him. I pull up to about .3 klicks from his aft and at this point with my tractor he can barely move (i think i might have damaged his flight control, not sure) and we continue on to the grey wolf. Once we get real close (like 1 klick) his buddies all open fire on me, but i'm so close to him that i'm using his ship and sheilds for cover (ah ain't the imperials all chummy with each where'd that vibroblade come from??). At about .5 clicks out from the bridge of ISD his sheilds go down from taking all the fire directed at me and i notice i'm REAL close to the ISD's sheild generators so i pump my beam power into my engines and sheilds, switch over from lasers to missiles and slag the generators without even waiting for a target lock...............whopede freagin do........i took down the sheilds but the ISD hyped out of the system, or it would have that is..if it wans't for my little tie-advanced freind, apperntly once i broke the beam lock he got the bright idea to move (i.e away from the head on collision he was goin for) and he happended to move right into the bridge of the ISD right after i'd took out the sheilds............killed 2 mynocks with one stone.............oh ya that was the coolest thing i've ever done in ANY game period.............too bad i got caught in the explosion..........noooooooooooo.

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