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Space Expansion (As many Spoilers as Possible)

Yeah this should probably be on the General forums, but I'm not stepping a foot in there now that the game is out.

One of the best things about a game is waiting for it to come out =). You have little info, so you're left to speculate, and look at crappy screenshots to find out as much info as possible. You get your hopes up, and you talk to people about what you want to do, and it's cool.

So that's what this post is for. Let's talk about SPACE.

Personally I'm surprised; all the info they've given us so far is good . I wanted to be able to walk around in ships, and you can. I wanted multiple people to be able to control them, and you can. I wanted to be able to upgrade guns, engines, shields etc, and you can. I'm not getting my hopes too high, cause that's asking for a let down. I haven't read anything really bad yet though, and that's a good thing.

For profession I'll probably go Basic Pilot, or I'll dabble or something, depends how many space skills I can get. For ships I NEED a YT-1300, cause I need to have a ship I can live in and decorate. I'll probably get a Hutt Fighter too if I can.

I really like the idea that "space XP" is gotten by doing missions, and that the missions aren't just Destroy and Deliver.

Can individual components be targeted with my weapons?
Players will be able to specifically target components, such as engines and weapons. Disable missions, for example, require players to disable the turrets and, perhaps, engines on a capital ship.
That's cool.

I'll stop here for now. If I cover everything it will kill the thread. DISCUSS!
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