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If you know you'll be playing SW:BF competetively...

If you're thinking you'll want to get into the competetive scene in SW:BF, come stop by my group's website. We'll be moving into SW:BF as soon as it's released, and we'll be recruiting the best, brightest, and coolest players to play with us. We already have a solid member base in BF:42 (although we're not doing the greatest in leagues, that can be attributed to us getting into the fray REAL late - we're still having fun though), and we'll be looking for quality people to help expand our ranks right off the bat when this game is released. We're getting pummelled by the veteran teams in BF, and we want to make sure we get in on the ground floor in SW:BF.

Stop by if you play BF, especially. Feel free to apply for membership right away if you do. A number of us also play Raven Shield for fun, so you can come play that with us while we're all waiting for Battlefront.

See ya 'round.
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