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Originally posted by Doomgiver
Man, stupid cops. If i had everyone expelled that sweared at me, or hurt me, 1/3 of the students at my school would be gone. And there was probably a good reason. The 'criminal' in this case, if it was an adult, would only get locked up for a few days.

The rape. That guy sexually assaulted her, gave her a depression and still walks around freely in her neighborhood? If the cops actually spent time on it, that guy would receive a few years.

Boy, am i glad i don't live in the US. That's so unfair, discriminating, etc. What an ***holes. It just makes me mad.

And what a spoiled kid.
Okay, one more time. It's not up to the cops. If the DA doesn't have any evidence, he will not be able to prosecute. And with cases like rape, no ammount of "time spent on it" is going to produce physical evidence this long after the crime has taken place. Which once again, sucks. But you still cannot imprison people because someone says they were raped.

And as far as you not living in the US goes. What eutopian society do you live in where there's no such thing as "unfair, discriminating, etc"? Oh, you mean those things are everywhere? I kinda thought so.

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