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single to hurricane spin

invented by Nalukai(me)

saber: staff

start with yellow and jump in to a delayed sd defensive slash
you should hop again right before the slash goes upwards
immediately stance change and attack d for the whilrwind
3 quarters through the spin change back to single and finish moves off with sweeps

the prettiest and most devasting move with staff youll ever see if timed right the whirlwind is a headshot with about 5 hits goin to the cranium- instant kill and if not then the sweeps will connect afterwards

the Flouirsh Surprise

also by yours truely

saber: single

in anystance learn to flourish after your strafe so you will move while doing it. best done in red stance where youll throw the saber behind your back- start with: flourish move then side flip right, then side left flip twice as high( the saber should still be in the air) as you are coming down you should time the saber getting back to your hand and begin an sd,d,wd combo before you land. overheads and lefts dont work well with this move

thats enough of mah moves if joo want more fight me for them soon everyone gonna be using these i cant see it already ( if they are skilled enough to properly execute them ^^)
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