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Originally posted by Alegis Gensan
16 aint that much :\ whats LEC thinking with the limiting in swbf and rc, are the games that bad with too many players?
Well the limits seem to be on the console versions, so I think it's probably the consoles fault, not Lucasarts. On Lucasarts official FAQ for Battlefront for instance, it says that the console versions can support 16 people over the internet whereas the PC version supports at least 32. Also it says that while the console versions support 32 people over LAN, the PC version supports 64.

For Republic Commando the decision may also be one of design choice rather technical limit. Republic Commando is trying to show the stuff you don't see in the movies...the things that go on behind the large battles. Republic Commando is more about creeping around and having relatively small firefights instead of Battlefront's all out mayhem. It seems to me that a lot of people get caught up thinking that the more people in multiplayer, the better. I really don't know why they think that...small more personal games can be just as fun. Look at Doom 3 for's designed for 4 player games. This is actual really good because of all the new gameplay elements that pop up when you have only a few people and lots of shadows to hide in.
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