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Originally posted by moort
well either way i think they are just choosing the easiest way of doing things...

there are many examples of squad based games with online co-op mission capability,,, ghost recon for instance.

i dunno what's happened with lec, i just hope that they haven't turned into ea and such..
Well, look at it this way...(I kinda hate bringing id Software and Doom 3 up again, but... ) Even id Software isn't adding a co-op mode to Doom 3 because of how much time it took them just to balance the game with one player. Vicarious Visions (the same people who ported Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy to fact they did those because they wanted to prove they were good enough to do Doom 3) can add co-op because they already have the one-player since id Software did that. Look at it this way, it's better to have only one-player gameplay that's really good then to have one-player and two-player gameplay that are both only mediocre. With Republic Commando running on Unreal technology and Lucasarts releasing editing tools, there are sure to be some great mods coming out that add co-op among many other things.
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