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Episode 30: Old Allies

In the Royal Palace, at Coruscant. Exar Kun waited for his apprentice to emerge. He drew a vision of a cybernetic monster, capable of destroying entire buildings. It seemed funny, so he shook it off. Soon, a scientist arrived, carrying news.
"Lord Kun, Lord Azenite's designing is now complete. He will be produced to you shortly".
"Well done." replied Kun, coldly.

There seemed to be seome confusion in the mediroom.People were chouting out aloud and sounds of thumping metal and clashing were heard. Exar was curious, and moved a bit nearer. Something suddenly banged hard against the door and a dent was formed. This prevent the door from opening. After a while, a sound of crunching bones was heard and Azenite punched the door really hard. So hard, that the door shot out like a bullet.

Smoke erupted from the room as the mechanical terror stepped out. He looked stout, yet glossy and deadly. His top was blad, like most helmets and flowed down in a cylindrical shape, like Royal Guard's helmet. It was of blueish-silver in colour.
There was a visor-like collar that formed a sleek, black triangle in front of where his mouth should be.
Below that, the body curved at the chest, which was covered by a Y-shaped plate, red in clour with yellow borders. Behind the plate was another piece of roundish armour covering his abdomens. His shoulders were made big and had a tower-like rising on them, which went about 2 feet above the head.
The hands, too were big and covered in mail. All this part was azure-silver and very glossy, like the head.
His legs were covered with black-and-red plates.

Azenite stood over 7-foot tall, with his shoulder-towers, 8-foot. His heavy body created a thump each time he took a step. "I am ready" he said, in a droid's voice.

Kun took a minute to gaze and nodded.
Meanwhile, Jaden was flying over an abandoned planet called Hortod which was pleasant, yet isolated. It had a vast underground network, made by an independant, advanced race long before they had dissolved and migrated. Jaden landed at an old military base, with a landing pad and two towers, standing high.
In front of the pad was a metal door, going downwards, but was closed. There was a control pad beside it. Jaden walked over to the control pad and punched in a few keys. The status line said "Processing" and after a while, there was an annoying beep with the words "Denied".

Jaden thought a while and cracked the code. He typed in, 5545812, the secret number of Luke's holocron. He didn't know how he came by it, but the door opened and Jaden stepped in. He heard some sounds down the halls, then voices and soon troops started rolling in.

At the sight of Jaden, they kept there distance and soon, Jedi arrived. Kyle was in the front. He stepped upto Jaden. "What is it? Are you looking for trouble?"
"Then why are you here?"
"I... Azen... The Emperor defeated Darth Qollous."
Everybody were taken back and some gasped.
"Then... You're not Darth Qollous?" asked Kyle, smiling on one side of his face.
"No. I am now a member of you. I am... a... I'm a Jedi."
"Is that so?" Kyle was now comletely smiling, yet he was suspicious.
"Now we must join forces to dethrone the Emperor.
"Which is... Azena..."
"Right, come now. And no troubles, or you're dead."

Episode 31 Preview:
"We still have to finish that vermin."

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