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Post than but...

Thank you for your answers!
But i didn't resolve my problems ... I don't understant how pictures are stocked ( are coded) in the scumm files... i know it's file called SMAP but i don't understant how it's working !?

I've seen a lot of sources, but it doesn't help me. I think i need to read the sources of Scumm-Revisited or Costume Viewer ( or Ripper)... But i haven't found it...

Could you help me?

Is someone know how pictures are recorded , coded (images... like backgrounds , costumes...) ?

My project is working but i miss it !!!!

Ps: if you didn't undestant what i said, sorry but i'm french. it's why my english is bad. if you didn't understant, you can mail me to " ". thank! ;-)
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