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Episode 31: Reunion

Jaden was told all of the rules and was considered as a Jedi Knight, yet the others were cautioned to keep a watch on him. Wherever he went, somebody was watching him. On the next day, Kyle went to Jaden. He seemed to be happy seeing Jaden.
"Well, Jaden"said Kyle "I suppose you've got used to our li'l burrow, eh?"
"Yeah, pretty sophiscticated for a tunnel system".
"I'm glad to see you, but I know someone who will love to see you again."
"Who is that?" asked a curious Jaden.
Kyle chucled. "Follow me."

Kyle led him through some passages into some training chambers. There were two Jedi, practising. They were wearing full body armor to deflect Lightsaber blows. One used a yellow saber, and the other a green one. The one with the yellow saber seemed to be winning.
After a while, the Jedi with the green saber lost and gave up. His opponent then deignited and turned to Jaden and Kyle. He fumbled with his pads and took them off. He didn't notice Jaden at first, but when he did, he gave out a cry, "Jaden!"
The voice was familiar. "Rosh!" replied Jaden and the two hugged each other. "It's been such a long time, you and I, we were buddies, our missions and my conversion and then..." he suddenly stopped chattering. Jaden stepped back.

"You... You killed me." said Rosh.
Jaden broke down. "Rosh, I... Then... but..." he couldn't decide what to say.
"Why are you here?" asked Rosh rudely.
"I have returned from the dark side. I... I overestimated myself. My greed made me lose against the Emperor. Now I am Jaden, not Darth Qollous anymore."
Rosh seemed to feel allright, but still suspicious. Jaden hugged Rosh again and the two went off. Jaden told his story to Rosh and Rosh told his to Jaden. Rosh had been badly wounded when Jaden's saber had gone through him in Taspir. With the aid of Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn, he had managed to live, but it had taken him months. Now he was fairly allright and normal, yet weak. Rosh liked Jaden's story more.

Two days later, Jaden showed his X-Saber to Rosh and the two duelled in the training chambers. Many were watching the duel. Rosh defended excellently and put up a good fight, but lost. Many other Jedi tried, but Jaden won most duels. He lost against some masters and he lost against Kyle as well. When the final duel was over, the Jedi dispersed and Rosh, Kyle and Jaden were left. They chatted for a while when suddenly, a blaster shot was fired at Jaden.
It looked as if Jaden would not be quick enough, but he dodge-jumped and hit the shot with with his saber as well. The shot was fired by a Jedi in mandalorian armour.

"Mordale!" started Jaden, but Mordale vanished in a flash. Jaden looked back at Kyle, confused. Kyle looked sternly at at Jaden.
"Do you think he would stand to greet you, after what you did to him?"
"But, he..."
"Jaden, whom you just saw was Mordale Korr, not your brother. You killed your brother, but Mordale Korr lives."
Jaden looked back shamefully.
Meanwhile, at Coruscant, Kun was instructing Emperor Azenite on his further objectives. Azenite was given a large saber-hilt with a curving cone near it's ignition point.
"What is this?" droned Azenite.
"This is a light-lance. Ignite it."
Azenite obeyed and switched it on. The wide, 5" blade went upto nearly 6 feet long. The saber was heavy to weild, yet destructive. It was red in colour.
Kun smiled, "Now, knight, you must have a horse to charge you into battle!"
"We still have to finish that vermin."
"Yes, we will take care of that as well!"

Episode 32 Preview:
"An apprentice?"

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