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Series 4

Series 4 is beginning...

After losing his empire and alter-ego, Jaden has returned to the Side of Light. However, even the side of light is cowering in shadows as the Terrifying, cyborg Emperor Azenite has arisen and rules with an iron fist. Series 4 will begin exactly four years after the conversion of Jaden to the light side. During these four years, the galaxy has changed a lot...

Emperor Azenite - Azenite rules with an iron fist, crushing any rebellions and ruling systematically. Over the months that followed, Azenite was eventually named Darth Horfrost, a name used only by few. He has also started the Dark Academy on various planets.

Exar Kun - Kun managed to make a body similar to his own and possesed it, thus, indirectly resurrecting. Exar Kun advises Darth Horfrost and scours the galaxy, looking for Sith hopefuls and rebels.

Verantos Masquod - Masquod now works as a lethal bounty hunter and brandhishes two blades of the same crystals he had found on Ilum. The two sabers are such that they can be joined to make a deadly saberstaff. He also seeks his revenge against Azenite.

Mordale Korr - Mordale Korr follows the Jedi order and finishes any missions given to him easily. He is not one bit happy to see Jaden and never speaks to him or reveals his face. His armour is with him wherever he goes.

Rosh Penin - Rosh has become a strong Jedi and an excellent duellist. He uses his yellow saber coupled with a purple one, which he had taken as one of his friends' dying wish. Rosh prefers to work with his comrades, especially Jaden.

Jaden Korr - Jaden has become extremely powerful, training at the academy. He uses an orange saberstaff, as he was ordered to use the X-Saber as less as possible since it held some Dark Force in it. Jaden is now in the Light of the force, but has a dark corner in his mind. That dark part is seeking the death of the Emperor...

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