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when i was in china they had blocked all access to news sites like bbc and cnn (although it wasn't hard to get around by looking at smaller sites that had their news feeds). OF course, with newscorp not saying anything bad about them they hadn't blocked sky

People seem to forget that it is very rare for an evil government to just pop up and take over a country, they tend to be either elected, or come to power as part of a popular uprising. It is only later that they sart misusing their powers to keep control. THat is where this whole "if you aren't doing anything wrong..." bit falls down.

Soon, with smartcards, mobile phones, databases, RFID and online snooping packages they will be able to track and correlate everything anyone does. Then they will start looking for patterns... (either to exclude those who don't have enough money, or to find those with "dodgy" patterns)

They already released "possible terrorist" shopping patterns to shops... imagine every shop getting a "possible terrorist" message every time you walk in, just cos you like muslim food or something.

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