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OMG thay ruined starwars dvd's (spoilers)

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There's been plenty of talk this week about just what will be on those Special Edition DVDs this September from Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox. Will they be the re-released versions of the original films or have there been even more changes?
Our sources tell us that there have been lots of changes to A New Hope, including some tinkering with the Han/Greedo scene. This is also the film with the most significant changes. The Emperor has been replaced with prequel actor Ian McDiarmid in ESB and Hayden Christensen does indeed appear in the final cut of Return of the Jedi. The explanation of his young appearance as a spirit is revealed in Episode III, as
the years in the Dark Side don't age the Jedi's spirit form.

We caution you that these are rumors and even this report should be met with some skepticism and prayer that they'll just quit messing with these movies. According to these people though, THESE are the rumored Archival Editions fans were expecting in the future.

So our hope is that maybe the 2006/7 DVD version of the film will be the originals in all of their glory?

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