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I got bored today and made a wallpaper out of a picture I found on the net. I figured that I might as well share it with all of you, since otherwise only 2 or 3 other people will see it, and I think it turned out pretty nice.

I noticed that it provides excellent camoflage for your desktop icons, so I made another version faded to 25% that still looks pretty nice.

I've been trying to think of another image to do in a similar style. But then I came to S& today and saw the "Something's Not Right Here" picture, and decided I'd do something with that. I think I'll probably use black & white comics in the background this time, to provide some contrast. After that, I suppose I could scan some of the full-page color artwork from the book, and those would be pretty cool too.

So, enjoy! And if anyone can point me to some cool S&M art that I could possibly use to make other, similar wallpapers, I'd appreciate it.

EDIT: Forgot one thing. Both wallpapers are 1152x864. I realize that most people don't use that resolution, but it's easy to use the file as your background without resizing it. If you have Windows (XP, and previous versions probably have the same feature), right-click your desktop and select Properties. Choose the Desktop tab and Browse to find the picture. Then, under Position, choose Stretch. That should work.

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