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Episode 32: The Battle of Rehu

Verantos was heading to Rehu, a forest planet with a strange, poisonous gas on it. Verantos put on his anti-gas mask and continued looking for Dreadnoughts. His companion droid, IKY-280 (Eeky) was steering his ship towards the gas-filled planet. As he entered the atmosphere, the scene of battle unfolded before him. Rebel troopers were retreating as the Imperial army marched ahead. Gaining the lead was an elite division of Swooptroopers.
The battle in the air was no less, as Rebel ships and gihter battled in the purple clouds against heavy Imperial ships. The stingers were there, for some reason. Verantos turned to his droid.
"Can you see him, Eeky?"
"Negative, the target seems to be hiding in a natural trench at location 54, 12, 2."
"Got it." acknoledged Verantos and ordered Eeky to land on a cliff. Eeky activated camouflage and the ships cover turned into a mirror, making the ship look invisible.

Verantos clutched his daber, attached and crawled to the tip of the cliff. Smoke was all around the battle-field, and it was clear that without the gas-masks, a person will fall to a cruel, slow death. Verantos shot out ahead and caught a jutting rock. He let go and caught another. He kept going like that until he reached the ground safely. The Imperial troops were rushing.

Verantos made a run for the location Eeky had told him. True enough, a rebel was running away. Verantos separated his sabers and threw one of them. The terrified soldier jumped back into the trench. Verantos dropped in and the soldier made a dash through a tunnel. Verantos brightened his blade and raced through the tunnel, looking for his target. He could hear gasps, breaths and even some cries. He felt himself going upwards now, and turning.

After a harrowing chase, Verantos had come to a dead end, but he did not see and crashed right through a stone wall, make outside. He was back at the road in the jungle and the cliff wall was in front of him. The wall behind was another, miniature cliff. The troopers were passing and Verantos retreated back into the tunnel. After a while, he got out and started chasing his target who was running amongst the parade and getting shot at.

In a fury, Verantos hacked and slahed his way through the troopers and finally beheaded his targetted Rebel. The troopers fired at Verantos who jumped high and used Force Invisibility to rush away. However, the Emperor's infra-red vision caught him and Azenite rushed at him with his swoop.

Verantos found the swoop coming towards him and jumped away in time. The stormtroopers continued marching through the canyon towards the two Imperial Dreadnoughts. Verantos' invisibility wore out and he was visible to the Dark Lord. Azenite turned menacingly to Verantos and stabbed with the saberlance. Verantos ducked and answered with the golden saber.
The friction between the two sabers produced scorching flares as the saberlance was too thick to cut.

Verantos pulled back his saber and ducked as the saberlance swung over him. Now was his chance. In a split-second he launched himself from the ground and stabbed Azenite. Azenites armour protected him. Even Masquod's powerful saber cannot cut through Azenite's armour. Verantos stood dumbfounded and Azenite delivered a bone-crushing kick. The force was so powerful, Verantos flew back a few meters.

Azenite turned and slowly nodded. Then, he zoomed away into the canyon, towards the dreadnoughts. Verantos lay breathing on the ground heavily. His chest was as if it was ripped of everything. With a trembling hand, he fumbled at his back and turned on his jetpack and returned to his ship.
In an unknown location, Jaden and Rosh had just returned from their mission to guide a Republic Squad in a blitz raid at Naboo. They stole what they could and killed any troopers if necessary and returned quickly to their ship. After landing in the underground hangar, the two congratulated each other went down the familiar halls and corridors.
Kyle awaited them in the audience chamber, and so, they went there. The audience chamber was a huge hall, and was partially underground. It's roof was open and let streaming sunlight into the hall. Luke stood at the platform, looking at the sky, and Kyle was at the door. The two approached.
"Well, well. Jaden and Rosh" welcomed Kyle.
"Reporting for duty" replied the duo at once.
"I was just thinking... How would you like apprentices of your own?"
"An apprentice?" asked the two with wonder and amazement in their eyes.

Episode 33 Preview:
"This looks like trouble..."

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