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Re: Not getting it

Originally posted by ljhurdle
ok, i have tried these things and the only thing i can get to work is the typing the stuff into the autoexec. but that only works on one of five which is ok i guess. the ojp, no one has responded about it but if it worked i am guessing noone would be hacking? Also, I have version 1.01 and the typing all that stuff into the shortcut that everyone says will 100% work with my version does not work. Why the fizzle can't we dismember in this game like outcast? Did parents bitch or something. Well, i hope some people still come to this forum. peace.
If you cant get it to work using the .cfg method, try download the OJP basic 0.0.4 (or the OJP Enhance 0.0.1 im not sure)

Then an option will appear in the "game options" menu, you can now set saber dismemberment to whatever you want.

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