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Post Sabers (again?)


I don't post since just before the game came out.
I only used to post in the times of the demo.
I wanted to know why must someone use any of the 5 stances.

My opinion and (little) gathered info is:

  • fast and chainable
  • lunge
  • short/medium range
  • balanced attack and defense
  • good to hack a way through red stance cooldowns
  • medium/long range
  • long range
  • high damage
  • cooldowns
  • death from above
  • many guard crushing attacks
dual sabers
  • fast
  • good defense
  • nice damage
  • medium range
  • saber barrier can inflict some damage if well done
  • fast
  • short range
  • nice damage
  • butterfly

Ok, now for disclaimers:

I tried all stances (of course) in MP and SP but I end up using single saber and changing stances as IMO needed.
My MP games are LAN games only with some friends and I will never think that we are somehow close to top players.

Ok, some questions if I may.

I am posting to find out what are my misconceptions about saber styles.
So, let's ear them.


Is the blue stance better to deflect incoming shots?
How are the stances balanced in saber defense and guard crush timeouts?

Thank you all for being here!

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