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[K1] Harddrive leftovers: pseudo stormtrooper and dark jedi

After seeing Colja's sith trooper retexture way back when I decided to take a crack myself. His just looked really cool. At first I tried to make them more or less all white, but it just didn't seem to work as I'd like. Somehow it didn't look quite as cool as the default trooper. So in the end I decided to do as Colja had done and make just the armour white. I've also tweeked some of the lines to make it a little smoother...

I also like evil characters to where black clothing. I've modded my JO and JA games to have black robed Reborn, and this is sort of my version for KOTOR. IIRC some others have done a similar thing. Not much to it...

Anyway, these were done a while ago, and have been sitting on my harddrive. I finally got some better webspace (thanks echonetwork!) and decided to put them up for download. They are nothing special, but some of you out there might like them...

You can get them again at Warped Productions.
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