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I thought that I posted earlier in this thread... it's... gone... So anyway...

overall, I think it's fine, I have nothing to hide... I don't think I'll be embarrased, but even if I am, at least the U.S. can be assured.

RFID is a tracking system that uses a chip around the size of a speck of dust joined to an antenna. The chip is embedded into a product and can then talk to a hand-held scanning device, currently at a range of 1-20ft. The conversation between chip and scanner reveals the item's "electronic product code", similar to a barcode, except that in this case the information is unique to the item.
Yeah, I read about just the info about RFID in Popular Science. The article was rather cool actually.

RFID is ok, sometimes the U.S. security is at stake, so a one time privacy invade out of your whole life isn't going to hurt. Besides, tagging them on personnel is a fine idea, as they already use ID cards to get through check points.

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