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Originally posted by JackJJackal
How would I go about getting the masked "Ninja looking sith robe" for a PC to wear? have been trying to figure it out but no luck so far, that and most of the really nice sith armors I would LOVE to wear as my PC, I tried Halowan Cloak works but then you are turned into the npc, but I would like to keep my head etc. any pointers on doing this?
Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing, the PC is the bald guy on the right, not one of the three hooded dudes. If this is who you are talking about, the robes can be found on my site.

As for doing what you discribe, I'm not too sure myself. IIRC you have to alter the appearance.2da file. There probably is a tutorial about this, but if not just do a search. Keep in mind that some of the NPC's clothes may be for models that don't have a seperate body and head. So if you allow the PC to have those clothes, you may be stuck with the head as well.

Originally posted by Nodakrattler
Both look nice. The sith looks alot better then the black one I made for myself. Do you mind if I make a red version?
No problem. All I ask is that you included the original readme.txt file if you release it into the wild.
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