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Before Dav can fire one of Rual's body guards body slams Dav into the side of the car, knocking him down. The body guard stands firmly before Dav in a matial arts stance. Meanwhile the body guard standing at the door turns and yells into the mansion calling for help.


Amy and Olaf arrive at the national defence building in Sara. A man in a suit opens the door letting the two out and the driver drives to park the car. Amy and Olaf are escorted to a special room in the building where other out of uniform people are sitting at a table. All through the building everyone is in military uniforms or suits, those sitting at the table are dressed more like yourselves and are probably also mercinaries. Amy and Olaf are offered seats and a general steps to the head of the table as secretaries begin sliding papers to everyone seated.

The General begins speaking, "Your all here because you have been hired by the Tarsal military. As you probably already know we are taking steps towards independance from the Central Eirarchy and will probably be in danger within the near futur. Your jobs are to investigate anything unusual and report to us, you will also be givin individual missions and may pair up or even go in larger groups. Unless of course you prefer to be alone." The general picked up his paper, "On this sheet is various information concerning our curent situation and details on the Central heirarchy studdy the information in the next few days before your first assignments are given. In the meantime are there any questions before we procede?" The General waits for anyone to respond.

A man with bright red hair seems to be examining everyone seated, including Olaf and Amy.

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