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Originally posted by Tyrion
I don't have anything to hide either, but what if they do implant this and then turn into a dictatorship- it'll be extremely easy to track any "rebels" trying to fight against it.
Well, if there's more further steps towards this direction, I hardly think it'll be a dictatorship. Still though, I don't think they can force us to have those implanted- the House, Senate, and President have to approve of it, and I doubt all three of them, or any combo needed to accept the bill, will pass by. Though, it's actually a good idea for employees, if used with certain conditions- let's say you want to track down a mole- you just have to make them wear the card with the tag, rather than implant it into them (unless you're forced to). With certain conditions met (that can be determined) then it sounds fine.

i don't know. You have been in the same thread as a number of anti-war comments. You have been kind of anti-kerry, if he wins the election.
What does this have to do with anything- it doesn't even relate to the rest of your post AFAIK.

facial recognition camera to spot you near a mosque, you happen to buy some fertilizer. THen book a flight to washington...
Well, I thought the government did in fact cross reference the data with criminal history? Do they? I would like to know... straight from the source.

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