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Harwood pleads his case

hi guys, great to see a site devoted to such a great game.

im 17, and grew up on sam and max hit the road, and day of the tentacle. recently my interest in these games was re-kindled, and i spent a few weeks hutning game stores for a copy. completly fruitless. im in australia, so thers your answer unto why there were none. so finally today resorted to the internet, and after much searching, found my way here. is there anyway i can get a hold of this game on the internet? wihtou ordering it? i know this is illegal but im at my wits end to try and play this thing. id rather have my hopes crushed rather than search for the rest of the week. if someone could direct me to a mirror or a site that has the talky version for download, id greatly appreciate it. thanks heaps guys.

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