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Skinkie: One of your kind has gotten loose in the house, and I need you to talk reason to it.

Today I was reading, and happened to glance up just in time to see a little six-inch lizard walk across the floor. 'Oh great,' I said, 'there's a lizard in the house!' The creature stopped, turned and looked up at me with unhastened deliberation. It fixed me with a curious expression that seemed to say:

'I, sir, am not a common, frenetic lizard. I am a skink, which is an altogether more evolved family of reptiles with roots far back in ancient prehistory. Consider me an augury of good fortune.'

As I tried to capture the strange little lizard, which evaded me unhurriedly, it wisely found its way into the Forgotten Room, where the messy things are. No hope of catching the stowaway today, I said, 'Fine! My two kitties will probably find you next time anyway.'

So. The liz--excuse me, skink is pretty much doomed if it continues living in my house. Plenty of bugs come in because of the black light, so it could in theory find food to eat...but if it comes out to hunt, one of my cats will pounce on it with irony.

What should I tell it?
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