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Originally posted by MennoniteHobbit
Though, it's actually a good idea for employees, if used with certain conditions- let's say you want to track down a mole- you just have to make them wear the card with the tag, rather than implant it into them (unless you're forced to). With certain conditions met (that can be determined) then it sounds fine.
THe dangers that are present with capitalist organisations tracking you rather than governments are much more sneaky and seductive. With governments, if they try and introduce some form of snooping system there is USUALLY (although not recently) publicity and scrutiny.

With private companies this is seldom the case. Also with private companies they actually make people WANT the services that require the snooping.

a UK company, has developed a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader that supports Near Field Communication (NFC), a new standard that will allow electronic devices to interact when "touched" together. The NFC standard is being backed by Nokia, Philips and Sony. It's meant to let users access content and services by simply touching 'smart objects' and connecting devices just by holding them next to each other. Some services include swapping music and buying movie tickets. Once a connection has been established between two NFC-enabled devices, another wireless technology such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will be used to actually transfer the data. By adding support for NFC, Innovision says it's getting ready for when mobile users will be able to download music tracks by just tapping their device against a poster."
Its like store loyalty cards (which provide less of a discount and allow them to track all your purchases and decide if you are the sort of customer they want). Its not like they are forcing people to have them. People don't want them. But they end up having them because if they don't then they will miss out.

THe same will happen with RFID tags, we will need one to get free downloads from ads, then to get discounts in stores, then to get into the office, then to prove your items are yours, then as an id.
Then next time there is a panic about something the government will make them turn over all the info.

Or look at doubleclick. I would defy you to find ANY reasonable sized web sites where your interests and activities won't be passed on to doubleclick to allow them to build a profile and pester you.

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