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I'm gonna sound like such a newbie. Which I am, of course.

I finally picked up a copy of XWA earlier this month, and wondered WHY I didn't pick it up when it first came out. This *smokes* XVT (which may have been a contributing factor to my not wanting XWA when it came out a couple of years ago).

However, there's a few things I've been looking to tinker with. I'd like to add some of the ship designs West End Games came up with for their Star Wars game, plus a few modded designs I've come up with over the years. Thing is, I have no idea how to edit ship hull design, or how to tell the game where the weapons are, and WHAT they are. From what I've read, I assume the ability exists, but since I've never edited any OPT files in XWA before, I don't know where to start. <sigh>

Also, I've been itching for ages to find SOME kind of Star Wars flightsim that took the same approach as the Wing Commander Privateer games. It looks kind of like one of the mission downloads at has a purchase-ship capability. Do you know if that can be adapted to suit?
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