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Modified Strike Cruiser

I just installed a new version of X-wing Alliance on my computer, for using XIS with. Before I added anything new, I decided to look at shiplist and strings. Inside, I found a Modified Strike Cruiser, the Strike Cruiser with Gravity Well Projecters. I saw it in BinHexEdit, complete with stats and everything. In Shiplist I took away the *, to make it useable in Skirmish mode. It even had a picture when you give it a name, AI, It's assignmenet, etc. (most ships you download dopn't have those). I had 2 problems. One, the shortened name was G/2, even though in Strings it said M/SC. The other was whenever I tried to use it, I started the skirmish, and it would load about 50%, then exit to windows. Does anyone know why it does this, or any information about it? I also saw the Star Viper like this, but it just seems to be an X-wing with a different name. Thanks for any help.

BTW, I was looking through strings and found this under the section for Strings for Salvage Yard/Training Grounds, and found it amusing -
!YARD_RECYCLE_YOUR_ASS! Let's recycle your ass!
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