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IIRC, the Mod Strike and the Starviper are ships that are "included," but TG never managed to complete the opts for them.

You can find user-made opts (like the one mentioned), but the TG versions never shipped with the game. That's why your skirmish is crashing; it's trying to load a ship that doesn't exist.

The Starviper opt is pretty leet, but it doesn't have S-foils (in SotE, the wings can collapse and the guns swivel backwards like tails). It's also flat black, which makes it really hard to spot in a battle (which can be either good or bad, considering ).

Finally, the "recycle your ass" comment is in the game; pay attention to what the flight leader says (via subtitles) after the countdown at the start of the yard. IIRC, it's:

<<< 5 >>>
<<< 4 >>>
<<< 3 >>>
<<< 2 >>>
<<< 1 >>>
Let's recycle your ass!
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