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Episode 33: Jaden's Apprentice

Jaden know had an apprentice. A sixteen year old human. He was dark blonde and had blue eyes and was very energetic, yet obedient. Jaden taught him the basics of using the force and saber duelling. The boy, Foge Setalk was good and learned fast. He was pure in the force and never gave away to anger in any circumstances. Even Jaden was learning something from his apprentice.
Jaden, now Master Korr was summoned to the audience chamber. His apprentice followed him and the two appeared before Luke and Kyle. A few other Jedi duo's were present as well. Apparently, Luke was to give a debriefing or a lecture. Jaden caught up with Rosh.
'Hi, Rosh. What's happening?' asked Jaden.
'Oh, the usual. A debriefing. Looks like we'll be moving.' answered Rosh.
'Well, our first action with our padawans!'

Rosh's apprentice was a red-haired boy, a few months younger than Foge. The boy's name was Edoc Si'asiht. He, unlike, Foge was quick to anger and weak at the force. But somehow, he showed excellent saber-fighting skills.

When everybody had assembled, Luke started, 'Now that everybody has arrived, the news may be passed. As most of you might know, the teams of Jedi and Republic scouts were sent three weeks back. Four hours ago, I received a message from the team. They said that the Imperials found their bases, on the planets of Rehu, Kaetu and Scartu, the three ancient planets. Using our security system, the Imperials have found locations of rebel and Jedi refuge. Now, we must disperse and scatter across the galaxy. It would be too risky and dangerous to travel as one, and thus I have assigned sectors for each Master-Padawan group. You will all go those sectors and stay there, in hiding. No two duos will stay together.'
There was great whispering and murmuring in the Hall. Then, a student got up, 'But Master Skywalker, what about multiple students who have one master?'
'They will have to live by themselves in the sector. Their master will stay in touch. As for the master, he will travel with another master who had multiple students. Got it students?'
There was a great cry of approval. Master Skywalker then told each group where they would go and under what name. There about fifty-four groups in total and were positioned strategically throughout the galaxy.
Jaden and his padawan were sent to Tatooine, at Mos Easco. Jaden Korr was now Kradle Inhar and his padawan, Ondar Masquod. The two first flew to Bakura and crashed their planes in an oak forest and escaped secretly. According to their plan, they were to meet up at the spaceport and board on separate passenger transport, wearing cloaks and shawls as if Tatooiners. The plan didn't go too well...

As the planes crashed, Imperial troops were alerted. 'This looks like trouble...' said Foge on his comlink.
'What?' asked Jaden, looking around.
Sounds of trampled leaf and running were heard in the forests. Behind, the crashed planes burned. Stormtrooper chatter was heard. Jaden pulled on his cloak and leaped into a bush. Foge followed his example. Stormtroopers emerged into Jaden's sight.
'The planes are badly crashed.' chattered one.
'The others are checking it.' replied his companion.
'Something's here.' said the first one again, placing his foot near Jaden's bush. He loaded his blaster and fired at the bush. The shot reflected back and hit the stormtrooper. The other one shot more at the bush. Foge emerged from behind and beheaded both stormtroopers.
Jaden got up. 'Well, let's go.' he ordered and the two ran towards the city. A volcano loomed at their left, a facility lay on top of it. Jaden smiled as he ran.
'You know, Foge, I had been on that facility, on the volcano. I had to defuse a few bombs there. Quite a mission I had! But looks like you're gonna have even more exciting ones.'

They ran into the city, evading entrance booths and rushing in the streets. They ran for some time and stopped, breathing heavy.

Episode 34 Preview:
'You Jedi scum will be interrogated, of course.'

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