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Chapter 1: Destoryers on Point

Wedge Antilles shifted in his seat of his Incom T-65 X-Wing Snub Fighter. Command had sent him with two other squadrons for a recon mission. And so far, no luck on it. They were trying to locate the Super Star Destoryer Levithan. Intel reported that it might be in the Hoth system. Wedge brought his X-Wing up and around a small corrvete. Jacob Hodder, Red two, followed behind in his A-Wing. Chris Herl, Red Three, followed behind in his B-Wing. They were about to dock when a transmission from scout ship Bellowed came through on freq 3.

"Are reactors are at crictal! Intercepters at point nine-five!" from off screen, another voice is heard. "Sir! They've hit the ion drive! No, wait! AHHHHHHHHH!" The transmission ceased.

"What was that?" Blue Four asked.

"I don't know." replied Admiral Stanforth of the Liggins.

"Sir! Renment fighters at oh-two-five and more at point one-seven!" yelled a tech officer off screen.

"All fighter squadrons!" Admiral Stanforth bellowed. "Ingage enemy forces on sight!"

Wedge put his X-Wing in a steep dive. It was going to be another day in a space battle.

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