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Question Hoth Siege Player model mod.

I worked on a small model switching mod for the Imperial side of the Hoth Siege map. Changed the Imp Racketeer and Demo to variations of Snow troopers, the IMP Sniper to a Scout Trooper and the Dark Jedi to a Chrome Shadowtrooper. I also put the Keldorian Jedi on the Rebel side in Hoth clothing.

The Scout Trooper is by "Monsoontide, Keshire & Duncan_10158" The Chrome Showowtrooper skin is by "Lee Wright"

I felt these models best suited the map. The ChromeST really blends into the map. I was thinking about making the Sniper into a Snowtrooper also the only thing that makes the Infantry, Racketeer, and Demo different is different colored shoulder pads. The tech stayed the same.

So far this works for me as long as the server running the map isn't on forced models. So it can be player side only.

I also converted the Rebels into Hoth gear. So I used the jedi models and their different variations in Hoth clothing. The 3 Human males as Inf, Rocket, and Demo. 1 of the Human Females and Tech and the Keldor Jedi the same but in Hoth clothing like now. That effects the models in the Merc vs. Rebel siege so I took that out.

Here is some of the Icons and Screenshots.

I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in anything like this before I go through the trouble of getting permission from he guys that made the skin and the model I used. Even if not I could still put a regular Shadowtrooper and covert to the Sniper to a Snowtrooper. Other then the models you see it doesn't affect the game in anyway. Just adds some verity and change.

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