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Chapter 2: Shuttles to Planet


Wedge jumped behing a group of Ties. Ever since the fighters came out of nowhere, they were having a hard time knocking them out. Glod Squadron had knocked out the first wave from the east in a matter of minutes. But the Ties from the other three directions were a problem. And plus, bombers started to mix it the fray. After awhile, they start to fire on the cargo carriers.

"Red Group, protect the Carriers and medical fridgets." Wedge's voice barked over the team's comm. "Copy that Red Leader." replied Red Six."

Blue Squadron's A and B-Wings had the Ties in a tight spot by their surpression fire. McKay's Squadron hadn't given up yet.

Wedge put his X-Wing into a steep dive and closed in behind a group of Intercepters. He fired a proton torepeto at the center of the group and engulfed the Intercepters in small sun. He then saw Lambda Class shuttles to the survace. He order Red Squad to follow at he went after the shuttles...

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