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Admitting you have a problem is the first step to healing!

I suggest a 2 step recovery program:

1.) Take all the money that is giving you problems and invest it in wisely and prudently in the stock market.
A good investment would be in the Prune futures, what with all these aging baby-boomers and whatnot. Wheelchair and Walker start-ups are another good place to look.

2.) Stop buying things with money.
Next time you go into a store, load up your cart and just head out the door, bypassing those pesky checkout lines. Be warned: A few places just might have an issue with this, however. Just explain to them your problem, and that you are a recovering addict just trying to rejoin society. I'm sure they'll be sympahetic and understand. Those that don't: give them back thier stuff and tell them forcefully that they have lost a customer forever and that you'll never frequent thier chain ever again! That'll show them!

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