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Originally posted by Cosmos Jack
I was thinking about using the imp commando model to replace the tech. I think I extracted that from the Dark Forces Demo. I don't remember.
I considered that too, but, he'd be awfully cold out there with temperatures below freezing and no Hoth clothing.

So I used the Imperial Commando for the Tatooine siege (I converted the Mercs to Imperials just since Imperials are just way more interesting ).

I used my AT-AT Pilot skin for the Hoth Tech, because I plan on having someone code a new siege limitation where a class can be restricted from using certain class vehicles, and I'll have only the Tech be able to use the AT-ST.

And LightNinja, do you have the Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections book? On the AT-AT page, there's a picture of a Scout Trooper on a speeder bike on Hoth.
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