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Originally posted by LightNinja
its right but, a scout trooper at hoth?
Hmm as apposed to Rax Joris as the Imp Demo? Or Lando as the rebel sniper? I think he looks a little cold?

The only character that is in the right outfit is the Snowtrooper everyone else is clearly not ready for the cold. What made me think about using the Scouttrooper as a sniper is that is what they look like they are doing in "Star Wars Battlegrounds" Video... Sniping them dam Ewoks...

I was thinking about expanding into a rebalance mod that changes the values of the characters and the characters themselves. Would like a nice map to go with it. Someone was working on a hoth map with AT-ATs? I think. I have been more partial to siege, because for the most part not very many cry lamer and you can play them game without the stupidity. recently it seems that this has spread to siege servers to?

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