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Missing GBers

Well, looks like our missing persons folder is growing ever larger. Something seems to be taking the forum goers at and not returning them. The latest to go missing is STTCT. She was last seen on 5/2 in Yoda's Swamp. We've been able to eliminate Yoda as a suspect...can't remember why...I was questioning him & then seem to have marked down "Suspect Yoda is not." So, we can try other denizens of the swamp, but Yoda is free & clear.

This is rather disturbing. Havoc Stryphe has been missing for awhile. He came by a few months ago and said he was no longer able to post from work. Let's be sure to check into this "work" as a possible suspect. I haven't seen Tie Guy in a while. I fear he's gone too.

The search begins now! If you spot one of these, hog tie them and force them to post a message on the board explaining their absence. After that you may let them go...a bit of tickling is allowed.

We still don't know what exactly is taking these people so be careful! Or you may be the next victim!

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