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Well kiddos, it's that time of year again.

"No it's not, you usually do this in late July, it's Memorial Day!"

Yes, this is true. I usually start the awards show gimmick during that time (Because of the anniversery and such), but certain circumstances have led me to decide to do this now, them being:

1. The forum has been going kinda slow lately and I hope this can be my "Tax Cut" to rejuvinite the "economy" of this board.


2. Do you think anyone will be still be here by late July?

Anyway, you all should know how this works, if not here's a refresher:

1. You think of extremely random categories that have nothing to do with anything, pretty much all categories get into the show.

2. You nominate people/things for these categories

3. You vote on a winner from the top few nominees.

4. I write a hilarious awards-show story and we all laugh and have a good time and gripe about the fact that Rhett wins all the awards.

So if we start nominating now, I think we should have a good show by the end of June, what say you?

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