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Episode 34: Leaving Bakura

In the Vahec Castle on Coruscant, Azenite was checking some communications when a stormtrooper arrived.
'Lord Horfrost, two Jedi have been spotted on Bakura. They killed two of our troopers and have rushed into the city...' he was cut off by the Dark Lord.
'What?! Jedi? I thought I ordered you to sabotage the planet they were on!'
'We did, but it appears they fled just in...' this time he was cut off by Azenite's fifty-pound fist. The Stormtrooper stayed alive, muttering something and passed away. The blow was so powerful, the trooper's armour was split into two.
Azenite turned back and ordered reinforcements at Bakura and to investigate the Jedi.
Jaden and Foge had entered the hangar, wearing cloaks and covering themselves. Just then, one of the public transports left ground and majestically flew into the sky. There was just one ship left. Jaden and Foge rushed towards it when an announcement froze everyone.
'Two Jedi have boarded the hangar. No flight will be active until these Jedi are found and captured, under the order of Emperor Azenite.'
Troops burst into the hangar, led by Siths. Jaden and Foge were pushed aside as passengers exited the transport and the troopers began checking contents and clothes of the passengers. The Sith supervised them.
Then, a stormtrooper came next to Jaden. 'Alright, now your hands, up!' he chattered. Jaden answered by stepping back and getting lost in the crowd. The stormtrooper followed him into one of the entrance bridges of the ship. The Stormtrooper caught Jaden's arm and forced him to unveil his cloak. Jaden lost his patience and beheaded the troop. The others noticed it. Hundreds of shots fired at Jaden, who retreated inside the ship and Sith as well stormtroopers rushed inside.
Kradle sabered stormtroopers from behind and killed a Sith by attacking his head from the back and stabbing him. Jaden ran from rooms and corridors inside the ship and ran to the pilot. In the pilot's cockpit, he ducked in and hid inside a crate quietly. The troops emerged inside.
'You seen the Jedi?' the stormtrooper questioned the pilot.
'What Jedi?' the pilot asked, confused. Another stormtrooper opened the crate and got sabered. The other stormtrooper believed that the pilot is involved and shot him.
Jaden killed him and held the pilot. 'You okay?' he asked.
There was no reply.

Meanwhile, Foge was overwhelmed by troops and Jedi and had got hurt at a lot of places. Finally, Jaden emerged and cleared out for Kradle. More and more troops entered the hangar, Jaden got to the pilot's cockpit and told Foge to hold off the stormtroopers. In the cockpit, Jaden used his ship knowledge to close down the entrance bridges, making them invulnerable to attack and then called Kradle.
With Kradle as his co-pilot, the two flew away from the firing stormtroopers and rose out of the hangar, only to face a greater peril: A swarm of stingers.
The stingers flew around and attacked the ship, which was already badly burned and black. Suffering a lot of damage, it exited the atmosphere and engaged into hyperspace, which left the stinger commander cursing himself.

Episode 35 Preview:
'We're not going to Tatooine.'

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